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Be Covered

Young maiden, listen
True, you are lovely
You have learned how your beauty has power
No one can deny your desirability
But you must learn its place
It is a gift to you and a husband
A man in your future, not today
One who will honor you, lead you, protect you
Dazzling as it may be
The visage of your bared form
Is poison to me and others
It is death to any man but a husband for you
And your willingness to display it
Is death to you
Be still and look inside
If you will be true you will see
Behind the lying voice that says it feels good
That doing this makes you feel self-worth
Lurks the voice that you have no worth
It drives you to try to feel worthwhile
Groping for a sense of value
But feeling valuable is not something you can make
It is something you can only receive
This display is not the answer
It only builds your sense of worthlessness
Precious daughter, creation of God
Turn from this way
Don't wound yourself this way
Cease to tempt others to devour you
What stirs in them is not love
It wounds you, it wounds them
Save your beauty for love
The splendor God gave you for a husband
One who considers you so worthwhile
That he will wait for your love
That you are worth committing himself to
Worth giving himself up for
Only then will the mystery you seek be opened
Only then can you drink of love's fountain
And know the truth of why you were made beautiful

Stephen Pursell,   9/04

If you are a woman in search of love that fills an emptiness in your soul then please open your heart to the love of the Lord Jesus Christ who died for you to give you eternal life and love beyond your imagination and pray this Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation.  God bless you.