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At The Cross

Oh Lord, my redeemer
How do I reach to you?
How do I but touch your garment hem?
Not to mention, sit at your table?
Oh, that I might kneel before you
As you hung for me at Golgotha
That your blood might drip to me
That the rocks would cut my knees
The rain sting my face
That the cries of your beloved ones
Would pierce my ears
That you would move me through time
Letting me be there
Oh my Lord, my precious One
Lover of my soul
Could you let me do this for you?
Let me be another friend to you
I know you died for us
But can I be there with you?
You took my pain
But let me be there with you in it
Bleed for me, bleed on me
Let your eyes see me too as you suffer
I love you, I worship you
What love, that you did this for me
Words fall short
Your blood covers all
You have done it
It is finished

Stephen Pursell, 5/10/04