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To Be A Son

"What manner of man is this?"
Asked brave, experienced fishermen
Silenced, awed, terrified
He had commanded a storm into stillness
What manner of man is this?
Tortured on a cross for being perfect
Back ripped off, spiky thorns in his brain
Beaten beyond recognition
Iron nails through his hands and feet
Suffering unspeakably, he is mocked by a thief
Now he loves another and grants eternal life
Asking forgiveness for his tormentors

Oh, that I would be such a man
Clearly it hurts to love like that
But surely it must feel amazing too
How do I love like that?
I cannot, but then can I?
Did he not say I could be like him?
It has touched me
Gripping my heart, compelling my tongue
Unthinkable words, daring requests
That he would put me through it all
Anything, no matter the cost
That I might grow to love like that
Didn't I?
I know I prayed it, I thought it from heaven
This is my Baptist moment
The cousin of the Lamb
Commissioned to pave the way
In a dungeon asking,"Are you the One?"

One more time
Teach me to love them like you, Lord
Let me burn inside
Bottomless love
Unsearchable love
Make me shine with the Morning Star
Reveal yourself in me

Stephen Pursell, 9/04