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Worth Returning For

                 The clouds, the church
                The warrior bride
                The army behind the walls
The treasures of darkness
One and the same
The body, the beloved, the betrothed
The victorious, the conquering, the overcomers
No longer under every spreading tree
No longer in the high places to worship idols
No longer pursued but pursuing
An awakened church
A damsel saved from her distress
Eager to find the knight who saved her
The beloved in search of he lover
Searching the streets for the one her heart loves
Grasping at his hands that drip with myrrh
Crying, "Let me know the kisses of your mouth"
Jesus, Lover of our souls!
Jesus, thank you for never letting go
May we love you as you have longed for
As you so well deserve
May you have the bride you purchased with your life
Oh, that we would run with your passion
Finally pursuing you with all
Throw down our crowns at your lovely feet
Lift a mighty anthem to you glory
Cry, "Hosanna, Blessed is HE!"
Throw our cloaks before you in the street
Finally, Lord, the love that you deserve!
A bride once worth dying for
Despite her filthy rags
Now, finally, worth returning for
Spotless and without wrinkle

-Stephen Pursell, 3/10/03