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Worth Knowing

Every jot, very tittle
Everything written, everything said
All our moves, all our sounds
He knows them, every one
Pick up a blade of grass
Every cell, every compound
Every molecule, every subatomic particle
He knows it
A detailed history
Of every cubic nanometer of all creation
He knows it
And he's person
And you can know him
The vast reaches of pristine territory
The unknown depths of the ocean floor
The unfathomable expanse of the universe
He fills it
He thought it up
He spoke it into being
And it was
And you can know him
The evidence of him is all around us
On every child's face
Every bird's graceful movement
Every crashing wave
He walked among us and will again soon
He touched and loved and healed
Provided and nurtured and taught
He revealed and exemplified
And he bore all our failings and brokenness
That we might know him
No oversight, no omission, no error
He knows all
And has a cure for all
The Lover of our souls in search of friends
And you can know him
Who would you rather know?
Some movie star?
Some 'great man' in the world?
Or a Creator so great
That he invents the people
Who can do the things they do?
And you can know him
You can know him

-Stephen Pursell, 3/28/03