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Soon, soon!
Flowers on B Street
Glory in Southside
Freedom and laughter
Unity and grace
No more tyranny
No more division
Soon, friend, very soon
'Black' and 'white' and 'yellow'
Tattooed and scarred and unmarked
Breaking bread, enjoying life
One heart, one mind
One God, one community
A church
No more 'us' and 'them'
No more kill and steal
Only share and serve
All is love and blessing
Soon Oroville
Soon Butte County
A return to the old ways
A return to purity
A re-digging of the old wells
A re-building of the old walls
"Soon and very soon
We are going to see the King"
Signs and wonders
Glory and respect
Healing and the arts
The Kingdom of God
On the earth
In this humble place
So long curses and maligned
Now cleansed and glorified

Stephen Pursell, 5/16/03