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Prayer For Chaplain

Liberate our captain, Father
Heal this dear man, Lord
Restore this wounded warrior
This fine but weary lion of a man
You know the hurt, the shattered dreams
You know the past, you and he alone
Hold him in your prefect Father's arms
Touch him where his dad fell short
Soothe him with tender words
Hover over his handiwork
He is your child
A servant of his Savior
A reflection of your glory
Finish your work Lord
Raise up this Caleb
Energize him and thrill him
Surround him and support him
Whisper truth to him, Abba
How you are proud of him
How glad yo are he was born
That's he is a good son
How you love him
Your eyes upon him with favor
That on that day
In whitewashed robes he can stand
Boldly before the Throne of Grace
Presented to his Eternal Father
Washed clean in the Blood
A bride to his King
A friend to his bridegroom
A helpmeet to his Redeemer
A lover to the Lover of his soul
Bless him, Lord
Raise him up, Abba
In the full stature of sonship
A son of the Living God!

-Stephen Pursell, 12/1/03