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One Day

It will come
Like a 50-footer
On the North Shore
A mighty wave
An outpouring, a torrent
No one can contain it
He will not be held back
It's about him
His plan, his people
His glory, his pleasure
Oh to be found in him
Wrapped in the cloak of knowing
Rapt in his tender embrace
Lover and the beloved
We behold his lovely face
Lily of the Valley
Bright and Morning Star
Fairest of Ten Thousand
Lover of our souls
Redeemer, Counselor
Mighty One of Israel
Our souls thirsts, our flesh yearns
But the desert will spring
Lame will dance deaf will sing
Hold on, cry out
He prefers to come when he's invited
To wait until he is welcome
We hold him back
He is poised over us
Eager to reveal his glory
But we chase other things
One day
We'll get out of the way
Or be thrust out
By his indomitable power
Then he will arrive
One day
Soon I pray

-Stephen Pursell, 11/02/03