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My Mother

Allow me a minute to pay homage to a queen
The woman who asked for me, beneath an almond tree
Who prayed for me every day of my life
Who read me Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings
Rebels and Redcoats, and Moby Dick
Who sought to pass on all she had been blessed with
That I would be blessed in every way
How I wish to return that fullness of beauty and bounty
I pray the Father wrap her is his Almighty arms
I pray the Son take her for a glorious dance
A turn through the splendor of Solomon's Colonnade
Where once He strode among the long shadows of the pillars
Where children danced about him with sing-song voices
And the crowd pressed close to feel the warmth of him
This Beauty, this Jesus, this Bright and Morning Star
May he now be her husband, ever close to her final breath
May she sway with him always in glorious dazzling wonder
May he in her find for himself the truest friend
As she has so completely found in him
I pray they never lack for time together
That all would be removed that comes to hinder
I pray they sit on the deck and commune together
I pray she fills with Life and Joy and Peace
I pray the Father brings me home to join her
To serve her as a friend and loyal son
That I would have chance to give back a portion
To return some part of all she has given me
This Anna, a friend to the King

-Stephen Pursell, 8/28/03