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My Friend, The Overcomer

Bless my dear friend, Lord
Comfort him in his struggle
Let your angels bear him up in their hands
Lest he dash his foot against a stone
Bless his mother and children
Surround them like Elisha
Fiery chariots 'round about, innumerable
Heavenly host and dear departed brethren
Encircling his dear ones in the unseen realms
Contend with those who contend with him
And save his children
Lift him up, Lord, Jesus
Aloft on eagles wings
High above the early plane
Peaceful in your presence
Cuddled in your perfect Father's arms
Touch him, Jesus
With the tenderness that reached the leper
Holy Spirit whisper truth
Soothing words of comfort
A loving breeze of Life
Massage him with the oil of Joy
Caress him as the lover of his soul
Father of the fatherless
Stand up for him
God of righteousness, Judge of the oppressor
Stand up for him your son in court
Forsake not your servant, my friend
Bless him, Lord as he puts his trust in you
Show yourself mighty on his behalf
Make yourself known as he seeks your face
Lift his eyes, Lord
Show him his victory in you on the cross
Remind him that the snakes and scorpions
Are forever under his feet
Catch him up onto a high mountain
And show him his promised land
Put your sword in his hand
Your battle cry on his lips
The roar of the Lion of Judah
Raging righteously in his heart
The hunger to eviscerate the enemy
Reveal Christ in him
The hope of Glory

-Stephen Pursell, original 3/8/03, revised 11/17/14