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The Little Things

I praise you Lord, for all the little things
The birds I saw this morning
The good locker you gave me
Which really is a big thing
At least here behind prison walls
In this place of imprisoned souls
And bodies
Chained without and within
Thank for your kindness
So many people coming to my aid
I know you are there, Lord
Help me reach out and lay hold of you
To grasp the horns of the altar
To hold fast and not let go
Lord, I feel lost, hurt and abandoned
Though I know you are there
You here, I see you all around
Surely there must be a way
For me to more fully open to you
I need your love, I want you in my heart
I'm longing to be filled up inside
I know you long to give me big things
But first I need to appreciate the small
And steward them as you want me to
Help me Lord, please help me
To know how much I am truly loved

-Stephen Pursell, 2003