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To Joshua And Caleb

Faithfully you have gone before
Breaking stones, hands in the dirt
Devotedly breaking up the fallow ground
Hauling soil, planting, tending
I am grateful for your service
From the early light
Silently you have labored in the fields
Bearing the heat of the day
I come to bless you now
When the fields are white for the harvest
I thank you and honor you greatly
For what you have made possible for me
That I who come in the eleventh hour
Would enjoy the fruits of your labor
I see you! Your heart, your dedication!
I see how faithfully you have toiled
I am here, lean on me
Let me bear you up in your arms
Let me be Aaron and Hur
Holding up your arms in the battle
Command me, direct me
If you were leaving I would ask you:
Give me a double portion of your anointing
But better yet, you will be staying here
That together we may go into the land
I want what you've wanted to give me
I want to give to you too
Let me be Elisha to your Elijah
Let me be Timothy to your Paul
Bless me, and tell me who I am
Let me tell you who you are
What you have always known
But perhaps never believed completely:
Son of God!
Brother to the King!
Radiant giver of Life!
Bearer of Oil and Fire!
One for whom all creation groans!
Joint heir of the Kingdom of Light!
Come let us run together
Arm in arm to stand in the fight
I'm the one you've sought
Faithful, friend, like you
Bone of bone, flesh of flesh
Blood born, blood washed
Let's be a team, yokefellows in the work
We are the body
Cell to cell, joint to joint
Muscle merges into sinew
Sinew grows into bone
The head says, "Move"
And the finger of God twitches
You, me, him, her
We, in the One
Life abundant
No longer scorned
Never again rejected
A city loved and admired
A people knit in beauty
United in vision
Strengthened to fight
Full of righteous rage
Burning with holy fury
Elbow to elbow, we go city to city
Hammer to nail, bread to lips
Words of life, acts of love
Eviscerating the devil's minions
And creation is liberated
With the One lifted up
His name ever on our lips
That we would shine for him
Call to him his due Glory
That all would know
That his plan of old is revealed
We are the sons of the Living God
Irresistible, unbridled
Wild and free
Disciplined and directed
Flaming with hatred for the enemy
Destroying works of darkness
Pounding the gates of hell
Terrifying the dark hosts
Freeing the captives
Borne on Spirit wind
Eye in the heavens
Feet on the earth
Bearing gifts, speaking life
Vessels of restoration
Glory to the Lion of Judah!
Glory to the Lamb of God!
Let the sons of God be revealed!!

-Stephen Pursell, 8/31/03