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In The Fire

Father, here we stand
We, your sons, brothers
My friend, a leader in our midst
I stand with him
Amongst our brothers in blue
We hold her before you
This doe, the bride of his youth
This fallen daughter of Zion
You said this would happen
That baldness would replace finery
You are not mocked
You, Abba, we remind you of your word
You promised something else as well
That in that day your branch would be glorious
You promised that you would restore
Double for her shame
Father we present her to you
We cry out for you to prove mighty
Raise up this dear one you've chastised
Set her free, this Mary Magdalene
And like Mary, may she sit at your feet
We speak life, Lord, life to her members
We call forth her dry bones from the tomb
She will dance, she will bring you glory
She'll return with the spirit of Ruth
She will walk in the elegance of Esther
She will pray with the tears of Anna
Here she is, Lord
We entrust her into your awesome hands
We place her at the foot of your throne
Keep her safe, Lord, we entrust her now to you
That one day she'll return to my brother
That they might live Solomon's Song

Stephen Pursell, 11/15/03