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Hurting Children

Bless them, Lord, these two little men
Bunkmates, brothers in blood
Normally allies in this place of war
Where we all live together in agony
Surrounded by gun towers and razorwire
Pitted against one another by a faceless foe
Hurting inside and hurting each other
Swinging and stinging, wondering why
Both believing a lying voice
Thinking the other knew what he meant
Not knowing why he didn't hear
Help them, Lord, unstop their ears
Help them hear the truth, within and without
Snatch them from this merry-go-'round of loss
Help them hug, not slug
Help them touch love within
No matter how small, may they find it
Show them some light to reach for
Soothe them, stroke them
Whisper a better way to walk in
You alone know all of their struggle
So into that hidden place
Here, even here in this place
This prison of souls even more than bodies
You who are everywhere
Reaching into anywhere
Though they make their bed in hell
You are here
And use me if I can help
Lead me in your love of them
That they may embrace again in peace

-Stephen Pursell, 4/13/03