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Holy Wind

Soon, soon the heavens will split
A crack of lightning, and then...
Like the roar of a mighty wind
Tongues of fire
Licking spirit and soul
A mighty wind, life and breath
Heaven's touch
The Baptism Of Fire
Within you, within you
An opening, a doorway to heaven
I seek him
His life within me
Join me in this quest
Let's run into heaven
Let's meet him together
I'm lonely for him, aren't you?
I want to see it
Spirit-drunk apostles
Anointed with words of life
Oh Lord that we would find you
Thank you that it's happening
Thank you that I am seeing it
True worship, the standard of praise
Life burst forth in song
Peace and stillness in motion
Holy hands in graceful sway
Touching glory and pulling it down
Heaven coming into the earth

-Stephen Pursell, 11/20/03