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Heart's Cry

Thank you, my Father
For the lifting of my head
I will praise your mercies forever
I will shout it from the rooftops
Your glory will be spoken on my lips
For I was fallen and forlorn
My eyes were downcast and aching
My tears were leaden, not bringing relief
I groaned on the floor in my isolation
I clung to the window frame
Looking longingly to heaven
I begged you to take me from this life
I cried out to die and be unburdened
I was wearied to my bones with caring
My heart was torn for my loved ones
But you Lord, so full of faith and mercy
You were not deaf to my pleading
I have wandered in wilderness of spirit
Adrift in the emptiness of soul
Certain that I had chosen my lostness
That I somehow I wanted the grave
But you, Lord, you came and saved me
You reached out with the long arm of Grace
And plucked me from the brink
As I stared down into the darkness
Certain the horror had only begun
But just then you came out of nowhere
How amazing, how faithful and true
What a beautiful friend you are
How indescribably great is your mercy
And now, Lord, I pledge you my future
I give you the life you gave me
To mold and shape for your purpose
To fashion into something glorious
A testament to your saving power
An artwork to show off your skill
For you Lord, you are the Master
The Author of Eternal Life and Beauty
My life to bring you more pleasure
To display your wonder in the earth
To feel blessed to have known such a depth
Just to testify to you awesome strength
I had heard stories but never had one
Of how you were mighty to save
But now, Lord, I have my own tale
I'll tell it wherever I go
I'll sing it wherever you let me
I want to give way to your voice
I ache, Lord, to not be left wanting
I seek to be your minister of grace
Please help me, Lord
Help me to speak out, Lord
I know you've given me so much to say
I want my song to bring you great glory
As you live though me more each day
Take me Lord, take me and use me
Make my life what you willed it to be
A glorious jewel in your crown

-Stephen Pursell, 1/12/03