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There's a cup held up before you, Lord
Abba, I pray you fill it
A warrior true, tender and broken
A faithful friend
Fill his cup, Lord, fill it, fill it
He thirsts for you
He yearns for your wonders
One of David's mighty men
Your hungry child, awaiting you
FiIl his cup, Lord
Bless him I pray
Grant him his heart's desires
And fill him Lord, fill his cup
Turning and turning
A masterpiece is taking shape
Manifesting on the Potter's wheel
Your perfect hands carve him
A son to the Father
A brother to me
Fill his cup Lord, fill it, fill it
Teach him the Jawbone Dance of Samson
Teach him the abandoned dance of David
Honor him in the assembly
Bring him a bride like Esther
Whisper your secrets in his sleeping ear
He holds out his cup, Lord, fill it
Like the oil running now Aaron's beard
Letting his dripping fingers shine
May his cup overflow with anointing divine
Fill his cup, Lord, I pray, fill it

-Stephen Pursell, 11/9/03, I wrote this for a man who was a friend for a time but in the end wound up judging me viciously and turning on me and treating me very abusively,  I bless him and pray for healing of his wounds that led him to act this way, may our beautiful Lord touch him and make him whole