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Esther's Army

Where did they go?
Those who escaped the hand of Haman?
They returned to the Holy City
Swords in their belts, trowels in their hands
They came home to rebuild the city
Guardians, watchmen, warriors, builders
God's men, Esther's army
Singing on the road to restoration
Camping out beneath the stars on the way
And returning once again to the gates of Zion
Undaunted by the task ahead
Rejoicing the chance to be there
To sweat among the rubble and soot
Raven saints of old
Nehemiahs, Ezras, Zerubabbels, Joshuas
Undaunted by the wicked political games
Laughing at Sanballat
Intent upon the task they were given
Restoration, restoration
A city no longer abandoned
Desirable now, much Sought After
The Father's hand
A married land
An army raised
For such a time as this

Stephen Pursell, 3/8/03