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Envelop Me

                                Every green leaf
Every supple sapling
All the rocks, every day
Every stream in the mountains
Cry glory to the King
The One who spoke them into being
Who called out the Pleiades
And loosed the bands of Orion
You Lord, Yahweh Saves
Bridegroom, Redeemer
Prince of Peace
I cry out for words
The only, the Holy, the Righteous
The Word made flesh
The unsearchable, the unimaginable
Who made the behemoth
Who created the Leviathan
Oh, that I would know you
To be your son and brother
To be your disciple
A voice for you in the earth
To sit at your feet
To recline at your breast
Ever deeply enfolded in your love
You, who thought the earth and formed it
You, who knew me in my mother's womb
The One who breathes and there is life
The One who sees and there is forgiveness
Whose right hand we shudder to see
Let me know you
Help me find you
Please be with me
Creator of all things
The Spirit who moves in all things
King and Master
May I be a son to the Father
A brother to my King

-Stephen Pursell, 10/03