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Christian Outlaw

American christian
When are you going to 'rebel'?
When will God's laws matter more?
More than the lawless 'laws' around you?
Christian, when will you open your eyes and see?
That the same God who gave you Romans 13
Also gave you Joshua and Judges
And Isaiah 10
When will your children's souls matter more?
More than potential arrest for proper discipline?
Would you risk the jailhouse for good 'kidnapping'?
To separate your child from evil?
Would you keep your daughter from the abortion clinic?
Will you take back your teen's toy?
The one he never should have had?
Will you admit you were wrong?
Will you be vigilant, watchful?
Man's law says throw away extra food
And arrest the one who takes it
God's law said leave the corners of the field 
To make provision for the poor man
Today, the once corner-reaper
Is in jail for taking edible food from dumpsters
Did you visit him?
Or were you not too busy to remember him?
Busy watching the idiot box?
Or out on the lake in your boat?
He'd only gone to the dumpster 
Because there was no food for him at your door
Or at your 'church'
I pray that whoever called the cops on him
Does not claim to be a 'christian'
What is rebellion, christian?
May we be found to be sheep
Providers of sustenance:
Food, water, hospitality, clothing, care, visitation
May we be found sheep
Not goats who were too good to visit the 'outlaw'
The poor man arrested for finding a meal
Imprisoned by laws the 'christian' you voted for made

-Stephen Pursell, 3/23/03