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Brother Moment

Bless my friend, Lord
Cradle him and cuddle him
Hold him close and breathe over him
Rock him close in dancing firelight
Soothe him in the tenderness of you
His loss is your gain
Help him know the depth of it
Open a new chapter in his book
And when you raise him again
From this present inner dying
Unfold his wings ever more gloriously
Keep him ever brooded over
Enfolded on your mighty hand
Wind-kissed by the rush of angel's wings
A son to you
Your dear and precious little one
Raise him and stand him upright
Ever stronger in the image of Christ
Son of the Living God
My friend, my partner
Bless his family, bless his birthright
And bless the beautiful children
The ones he and I love together
Draw him up into your throneroom
Remind him of who he is
Brother to Jesus
Seated in heavenly places
Far above all earthy rule
Created to reveal you in the earth
Chosen to be conformed to the Master
Son of the Living God
Son of the Most High God

-Stephen Pursell, 10/11/03, revised 2014-5, I do not recall for certain who it was I wrote this prayer/poem for in 2003, and whoever it was he did not endure in my life as a friend.  Today I have revised it and dedicate it to my friend and partner here at Godpoems and also with Lion Of Judah Homes For Children, a fine man of God and a gift to the world and its people,  a leader in the blossoming move of God that will sweep 100s of millions into the Kingdom of God from among the beautiful people of India, a man predestined according to Romans 8:29 to be revealed as a son of God and brother to Jesus, Godpoems publisher, Elisha Jonnalagadda.