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It will come
No matter what, I know it will come
I do not know what my pastor has to do
Or what my mother may need to say
I can't be sure who will be Father's voice
But I know something has to change
I know that God will raise up someone
Surely someone will stand up
I was willing to
I tried in the way I know how
But it was not received
At least not then
Let it be enough Lord
It is enough, if only there is change
The right change
Change unto life
But it will come
I know there will be triumph
I know there will be joy
Thank you Lord, thank you for your praise
Thank you for showing me the Promised Land
Thank you for breaking the cloud over us
Thank you for showing to us your brightness
Thank you for coming to show it to us
Your fearsome and glorious mighty right hand

-Stephen Pursell, 2/25/15