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Blessed Indeed

Graceful, and elegant
Powerful, yet serene
Sarah, Deborah, Ruth, and Esther in one
Bless my mother, Lord
This dear one who loves me
Kiss her when she kneels to pray
Grant her the requests she forgot to ask
Bless her with the oil of Joy
Fill her with Life
Surround her with handmaidens
Bring her many strong adopted sons
Fill her days with the strength and peace
Send her fragrance laden breezes to sleep to
Wake her with the music of children's voices
Bring her the ones you've prepared for her
Fill her eyes with Beauty
Fill her heart with Love
Fill her lips with laughter
Fill her belly with Living Water
Build the things you've dreamed of through her
Bless your earth through this, your special child
Heal her, Lord, restore her, Lord
Touch your needy children
Through this your crafted vessel
Glorify yourself in this, your daughter
Reward her for her faithfulness
Bless her, Lord, bless her indeed

-Stephen Pursell, 3/24/03