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Blessed Days

I praise God for my childhood
Praise God for climbing trees
Thank you, Lord, for no TV
God have mercy on these people today
Kids with their faces in video games
Parents rushing to buy the latest ungodly toy
Kids delighting in demonic board games
Not to mention the dark side of the web
Thank you, Jesus, for parents
Who knew better and tried to stay clean
Bless the parents who care to watch
To keep the wrong CDs from their kids
Who are careful not to allow
Their kids to get addicted to video games
Or all other manner of things
Lord, return us to what is holy
Back to the garden
Adam again, again now with you
Show us again how to walk in your ways
Clean our slate, help us start anew
To return to you, to purity
To appreciate creation
To be enthralled with Life
To curse death for what it is
Lord, may Frodo and Gandalf be loved
Let Harry Potter be exposed
And shunned for the fraud that he is
And most of all
May your word be loved and honored
Save our kids, Lord
Raise up parents who care enough
Parents who are watchmen
Parents who are willing to be separate
Willing to lose a job if need be
Or go to prison
In order to maintain integrity
Parents who won't allow their kids
To be defiled by our enemy
Because they just want to be entertained
My parents tried to get it right
Maybe they could have done better
But they tried and did better than most
And I am grateful for it
I praise God for godly parents
For the blessed days of my childhood
In a land where the parents are now lost

-Stephen Pursell, 3/29/03