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All Yours Now

Thank you, Lord, for receiving my Dad
Thanks for setting him finally free
Free to dance to play and sing
Free to be little Dougie again
It's good to know he is resting with you
Rest he has needed so long
Meeting new friends, walking in Paradise
Hopefully meeting some heroes of old
Embarking the climb into the mountains
I miss him, Lord, I'm happy he is with you
I love that he is feeling no pain
Solid knees, no more doubts
Back strong and mobile
Security, peace, clarity
Oh, thank you, Lord
Thank you for healing my Dad
Thanks for the time we had with him
But thanks that he gets to be with you now
No barriers, no earplugs, no blinders
Only purity of contact with you
We miss him
But we're glad you are with him
To hold him as we could only try

Stephen Pursell, 2/10/03