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Abba's Little Girl

My child, come close and listen
Rest and be quiet, attend to my voice
I have chosen you
I sought you out
I have watched over you
I have desired to have you very near
You need to know you are precious to me
Know what I have done to possess you
I have rejected my own Son for you
He gave his life willingly for you
That you would know you are accepted
Treasured, delighted in, brooded over
My every thought for you is generous
Only tenderness for you, my daughter
You are part of me
My fingers, my hand in the earth
I have come to live in you, through you
To have pleasure, to bless, to touch
I have designed you for glory
I will hover over you
I will hold you close
I will bring you deep into my chamber
I will gather you into my presence
I will soothe your aching soul
You are worth everything to me
Your love have I sought
Your affection have I deemed precious
I gave everything for you
Now I desire you to receive everything from me
Let me carry all for you
Entrust to me your very breath
Your works, your children
Listen only to my loving voice
Let me show you things you know not of

-Stephen Pursell, 11/21/03