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Word Fulfilled

I praise my God
He has lifted my countenance
Look at what he has done
He has rescued my family
He has reunited to my parents
He has brought my sister home
He is bringing many home
He has brought words of Life
He is building the road home
The highway of holiness
The deaf sing, the lame dance
So sumptuous a feast
What life in store, what glory born
I see it now, I hear it coming
How beautiful you are, Lord
How gracious in your reckoning
You have not allowed us to be crushed
Beauty for ashes
Double for our shame
I hope to see you soon
To touch your face anew
Again to behold your beauty
To enjoy the tender nest of your arms
Oh Father, my Father
Thank you for restoration
Only you could do this
To bring such beautiful Life from death

Stephen Pursell, 11/08/02