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Awake church, why do you slumber?
Why do you wallow in selfishness?
When the glory of your death awaits you
Where the resurrection within abides
I have not waited forever
But I wonder if you still may
I do not see
That you are burning
But my God will answer with fire
I think you waver in uncertainty
Afraid to believe the promise
Married to your perception of giants
In love with the festivals of Baal
Refusing to see the truth
When all the time within you
Is the Warrior who conquers all
I feel alone in my wanting
Adrift in my hunger of spirit
I do not doubt what is written
Until those I love come to thwart me
Then I doubt what I have heard
I wonder how you cannot want it
I resent you for clinging to poverty
But I am learning not to waver
And I know I will not be alone
I just wonder who all I can move with
And lift up the battle cry of Life

Stephen Pursell,
original: 2002, revised 11/11/14