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I watch TV
The game, the match, the soap
Anything to distract me
Just let me tune out

I want to be amused, not to think
I don't want to hear what's in my head
Love, respect, teaching? Leave me alone
I have nothing to offer
I voted, I payed my taxes
I have done my part
This is MY time

You're talking intimacy, reality, responsibility
Go away, it hurts too much to think about it
It's not my fault the world is in a mess
Why should I sacrifice myself?
What did they ever do for me?
What else is on?

Yeah, I care, but not THAT much
If I stand up they will see me
What if they don't like my ideas?
What if they kill me?
What did I ever do to them?
What about MY rights?
I'm probably dead anyway
Who's gonna look out for me?
You go ahead, I follow you
I'm a good person

WAIT!!!  Whoa!
Did you see that play?!
Oh NO! The Niners LOST!
Now I'm REALLY depressed
Way too much reality, man...
Where's the remote?

original by F.D. "Doug" Pursell: 6/17/02,

 revised by Stephen Pursell: 8/29/14