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Torn Father

Why, oh why, land of promise?
Why have you chosen whoredoms?
Why, when I blessed you so?
When I have showered you with love
Covered you from conception
How I bore your fathers over the sea
How I gathered them to me
How I gave them brothers here
They broke bread in thanks
They communed in my spirit together
But you have chosen lusts
Oppressing your brothers
Murdering the guardians of the land
Raping an pillaging
How foolish you are
You are ruining your inheritance
You have pissed on your food

Come back to Me
Turn and know the bounty you were born for
It's not too late
My hand is upraised
Still you cling to you wretchedness
In love with destruction
Drinking death and praising it
Murdering your babies

Respond and be restored
Turn or I will be forced to crush you
I cannot allow your infection of my earth
I will have no choice but to act
To strike powerfully
I have spoken warning
I have struck you lightly
Your towers crumbling
To wake you up
Still you stiffen your neck
Beating your chest
Worshiping yourselves
Still I plead with you
Come home to me
Renew your vows to me
I will bless you again
Beyond your wildest imagination
But until you do
It will not go well for you

Stephen Pursell, 6/24/02,
for America