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The Pursells

Leaders, servants, tested and true
Pulled through the knotholes of life before you
Journey ahead down a dusty dark path
Prepared to help you avoiding the wrath
Like a lighthouse perched high on the rocks
Look to them to avoid coming knocks
Little blue church, listen
I've watched them I see it
They're steady and they love you
They want to bring you healing
They want to inform you of deeper things
And they need you too
They need to feel appreciated
Love them for me, please
Hug them, touch them
They need to know too
Be knit as one
Dance together, sing aloud
Sit down and break bread
Open your hearts, pour out your tears
Confess, pray, heal, prepare
The enemy throws a dark net
But God has informed the few
Listen, give heed, learn how to war
These are my parents, I bless them
"Dear woman here is your son"
"Young man, here is your mother"
Sit at one another's feet
Be yokefellows true
One spirit, one baptism, one body
The family of Life

Stephen Pursell, 10/07/02,
written to Trinity Bible Church to
honor my parents who were elders
in the spirit there