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The Man

What simplicity
The strong hand of the carpenter
Steady and smooth
Precision in shaping the yoke
Gentle, patient hands
Healing hands
Broad shoulders
Swarthy features
Sturdy and quiet
Powerful in voice
Words of Life dance aloft
Skipping across the lake
Penetrating the marrow
Life to dry bones

They step out of the tombs
They dance behind him
They run to meet him
They dance, they worship, they serve
Oh that I were so near
Near the elbow of The One
Master, Lord, King
His charisma so delicious
The rose-like aroma of Christ
It proceeds him to the party
To search out those crying for love
Quietly he stands, they come
They yearn, he gives
They open, he touches
Hearts and bodies healed
The family grows
Oh, that I would follow in those steps
His gap-toothed smile shining through me
His radiance beaming brightly
His Life duplicated
His words ringing out clearly
The Son of God through me

Stephen Pursell, 10/3/02