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The 'Curse'

Tenderly, quietly she slipped into the world
Precious little one, so full of life
Treasured, admired covered by angels wings
A Heavenly Father's great Love
A mother's radiance, an earthly father's pride
But wisdom spoke to hide the jewel
Lest a jealous world seek to devour
Better stigma than exploitation
Covered from then on she was
Shrouded in mystery
Tucked away, marked for life
New home fresh country, unfamiliar voices
Safety there, no one to remember
Seasons change, moon, stars in their courses
Out into the world she went
Veiled and feared but fearless and gentle
Abused at school and in the streets
By firelight in the safety of home
There were many deep questions
"Am I really a monster, father?"

"Your curse is a blessing, my child
One they do not understand
You are special to God, it is enough
They would hurt you if they saw your face
One day, there will be one for you
One who can see the blessing of it"

Brave boy, and handsome, comes along
He seeks a friend,
he knows the heart
A friend, a protector, a companion
Enduring vicious words at her side
Standing strong with her daily
Carrying her books home from school
Pelted with rocks to defend her
Understanding and compassion grow
Love and truth take root
Youth and its forces cannot turn him
He is true...the father watches
Then one day he comes
"May I have her for my own?"

"No, my son, she is cursed
You do not understand"

"But I do, I know her and love her
I care not for the form
It's what's inside that I want
Her heart I wish knit to my own
I will treasure her if you will let me
I already do, always will"

"The choice is yours, then
She is yours, if she will have you"

"Receive him, Child, he is the one
God has remembered you
I give you my blessing"

Matrimony and gratitude
A village alive with dance and song
But the crowd whispers
Why?  How?
Such a splendid boy?
Why the monster?

Home together at last
Finally alone
Candlelight, tenderness, anticipation
The moment of truth

"Let me take your veil, love"

"Surely it is better I keep it"

"No, I want all of you
You are mine now, I want to see you"

Truth and openness, finally

What a revelation!
Radiance, beauty unmeasured
The world would have sought to steal it
To parade her for their spoils
But Wisdom had kept her secret
Preserved for the worthy
Set apart for life
Uncovered to shine
Beauty like Esther unveiled
And a young man who dared to love
Becomes a proud husband
To the most beautiful woman on earth

Stephen Pursell, 10/19/02

To all you ladies out there who have ever had so much a moment of doubt that you are beautiful either inside or out, know that you have a Lover named Jesus, God in the flesh, who made you gloriously beautiful in his image and who has the keys to unlocking that beauty no matter how hidden or damaged it has been.  He made you for that beauty to shine out and dazzle a world in desperate need of beauty.  So if you do not know him already, please pray this Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation and put your life in the hands of the One who has a plan for your life that is beyond anything you can begin to imagine on your own. God bless you!!  -Steve