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The Blessing

Precious daughter
Veiled from the truth of your soul
Cloaked under words of defilement
Mouthed by the misunderstanding
Believe truth now
Lift your eyes from your own description
Embrace that I have hidden you for a purpose
To protect you from permanent exploitation
I have waited for one who would love you
One who would embrace your love
One who deserved to know the truth of you
And you are released from the guise
That you have believed you are something less
Than special and beyond beautiful
I have protected you from yourself
Lest you grow proud in your beauty
And gazing into Narcissus' pond
Feed your flesh on their worship
And so I have allowed unkindness against you
Knowing that in it you would grow strong
Rooted in desire for true love
Secure in the home of your Father
Accepting of the lot you'd been dealt
So now then, to be awakened to union
Open yourself to the truth of new life
Your Bridegroom comes to you now
Receive him as he comes to live in you
Lift the veil and believe what he sees
Beauty untold, no longer hidden
Bear fruit for the One who chose you
Sons and daughters to carry the flame
You have sisters throughout all the earth
They have need of your gifts and your grace
First you, for you have been chosen
Then them, as one by one they call
Go forth then in emblazoned glory
'Til the One will be all in all

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02 

for Oroville and every precious daughter of Zion
who has walked the lonely road of pain and abuse