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Lord, I guess I'm mad at you
But I hate it
I know it stands between us
I miss your love
I need your touch
You're so beautiful
How could I forget it
Oh, to feel you again
Those tender tears
Those broken gifts
Help me back there
A return to softening
A return to open certainty
Oh, how I love you
How I yearn for your presence
What then must I do
How do I move with you again
Oh, that I could know the way
Again to your chamber
Stillness, oneness, togetherness
Oh, to feel you, to know you
Again aloft in uncharted heights
Wind-borne on the breath divine
Lift me, take me, sweep me away
Ah, the thought of you
Near again, forever free
Silken and breezy and gentle

Stephen Pursell, 11/03/02