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Prophets All

He stood among them
Wind in his beard
About him they lay
As far as the eye could see
Men they once were
Fallen now in the dust
Lifeless white frameworks
Remainders of beings once living
"You know, Lord" the prophet spake
Then it came
The breath of the Father
The Word of the Eternal One
Rang out in the silence
The vessel opened his mouth
And Life sprang forth
Rattling, trembling
The bones stood up
Then flesh, then skin
The same power that made them
Breath, Life, Spirit
A mighty army
We are that army
It's in us, this breath
"The word is near you
Even in your mouth"
Life is in us
Words to create
The Word of Life
Life and Light
Help me create
Me, a son of God
Help me create for others
Let me create for you
We're all to be Ezekiels
We're all to be the Father's voice
Come let's sing creation's song
That the dry bones come to life
And all around us
Creation be freed from the curse

Stephen Pursell, 10/13/02