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It's happening now to me
That thing that's written as a promise
I see him as he's running out to me
A weary threadbare traveler from the pig trough
Hoping for the chance to come back home
But here he comes with robe and ring awaiting
He comes to dress me in his finest clothes
A table set, a sumptuous feast before me
The servants bustling gaily at their work
I smell the aroma: the finest of the herd
Sizzling fat fills the air with anticipation
He's gone and killed the fatted calf for me
How can it be Lord?
When I am the one who wandered?
I'm the one who threw it all away
I despised your heart to hold and bless me
Yet still you have laid the finest fare
My God, my Father, words can never tell it
The depth of all that's for you in my heart
I'll spend forever searching for the way to say it
Thank you, Lord, for coming to my rescue
For waiting and watching out on the road for me
I'm home now, Abba
Thank you, thank you, thank  you
I know now this is the only place for me
Thank you, Dad, you know I love to party
But I want my brother to come join in all the fun
I'm broken-hearted that he feels so angry
Please help me find the way to bring him in
I want him where he belongs, here beside us
I want him to be happy I am home

Stephen Pursell, 2/17/02