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I can hardly believe what I perceive
I wish it were not so
That you, whom I considered trustworthy
Have left me in silence

I see him now in the garden
Fists clenched
Pores oozing blood
No one willing to stand with him
Aware of their fate
Aware of his isolation
Aware of his coming demise
An excruciating one
In love he labored
And in love I will wait for you
No matter how long you refuse me
No matter how stubborn your pride
I will love you
I have sought to serve and bless you
And serve and bless you I will
From the other side of silence
The place I walked once before
I forgive you, again

Why do you long to be driven?
Why do you want to be trapped?
Why do you so love your pitiful state?
Why do you despise Glory?
I have loved you
I have pled with you
Poured myself out to give you all
And still you hold onto yourself
Nevertheless, I will love you
Nevertheless, I will bless you
And when you are ready
I will provide for you

Stephen Pursell, 7/02