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Pilgrim Fools For Christ

Glimpses, snatches, snapshots
Today many, other days few
God is doing it
His sons are finding one another
The beginnings of unity
From the four corners they come
All colors, all backgrounds
Different, very different, originally confused
Fighting, reaching for each other
Scrapping, seeking life
But it's happening
The bones find each other on the desert floor
They stand up and form an army
The pieces fit together
The living stones are hewn
What is it?
Zion, the New Jerusalem
The woman who reached for His garment hem
A dwelling, an abode of peace and comfort
A land, a place to call their own
Scripture says they dwelt in tents as foreigners
Why would we think it would be different now?
Pilgrims but vagrants in the world's eyes
Foolish things that will stand to confound the wise

Stephen Pursell,
original; 12/14/02, revised; 8/10/14