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The Only One

May this always be my prayer
Let me not forget my Savior
That amid the depths of the Living Word
That although I search for hidden gems
Let me not neglect the One
The cornerstone of all creation
The Word of Life himself
The One who lowered himself
To walk beside the likes of me
He sat, he ate, he bathed
He ached, he bled
He suffered indescribably
He died
Let me now forget he did it for me
That all this Life, all this Love
The whole of creation
At which the heavens gaze
Each smiling face to enjoy
Every sparkling brook to taste
Grizzlies catching salmon
Flamingos taking flight
Sandpipers outrunning surf
Sea lions rolling in the sun
All this from him to me
Such love and such grace
For this he came, born to the maid
Humble beginnings, hidden in hay
Oh, what a Savior
So selfless, so true
He died for me
He died for you

Stephen Pursell, 10/13/02