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The One Who Is True

Something to ring true, Lord
Something to take ahold of
What is true?
Does anybody really know
How can I trust those who seem to wobble
I remember the one, Iove him so
One day speaking of christian wimps
Another day resisting my desire
That we unite and protect a boy in danger
Another speaking of how he walks in divine protection
The same promise I spoke to the boy
The same promise of the same word we all look to
Oh, but I love him and I know he loves me
Will men never agree?
Will I never find men to agree with?
I have asked God for them
I see now his desire for them to unite
To shed their shackles of independence
To link arms and circle the weak
To find in one another brotherhood and peace
Unity and power from God
I yearn for, I believe in it
We need it, part of us wants it
The company of prophets is needed
And surely it will be reborn
One by one, two by two, three in a ring
David will bring them into array
Worshiping the One
Eyes uplifted, one focus, one prize
Unity in purpose
Lifting up the name

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02