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We Need You

Unite us, Lord
Strengthen us for the fight
Ignite us, Lord
To go out and be your Love
To reach them to touch them
To pray for them, to hug them

You love them
Fill us with your Love for them
Fill our cups, Lord
Brimming with your perfect love
Oh how we need your Love
To coat us, to fill us
To warm us, to heal us
Come love us Lord
Come from your holy heaven
Come show us how to love one another
Tear down the walls between
Tear down the walls within
Plant us as trees of Life
Let rivers of Living Water flow
Springing up from the belly
Flowing out and touching men

Healing and soothing
Caressing and cuddling
Holding and loving
Hugs from you,
Hugs for us all

Stephen Pursell, 12/24/02