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My Hometown

Bone of his bone
How he longs that you would receive him
Your God and King
Savior slain for you
How he has wept for you
Broken before heaven for you
Fervent in his cry that you would be whole
Alive with purity
Awakened from your slumber
Roused from under your blanket of lies
Kissed by the morning sun
Truth coursing in your veins
Sing, dance!
Throw off your yoke!
You are beautiful!
I see your sparkling streets
Your children pay in safety again
In sunlight, free of electronic slavemasters
Paint, compose!
Play, invent!
You have been tricked into inadequacy
But you are the most amazing of all
He has travailed that you would know
He has wrestled that you would be free
And He has prevailed
He bestows upon you power
Power to heal, power to bless
Power to invent
Power to create
Power to exemplify
Power  to lead
Take his word of life!
Be free and be blessed!
You are highly favored
Destined to know his glory!

Stephen Pursell,
original: 6/18/02
, revised: 4/5/14