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Man Of Beauty(No Wonder)

No wonder they loved him
When those reputed to know God were critical
Stones upraised, eager to justify self with murder
No wonder with so beautiful a man
A voice gentle and booming
Speaking kind words of understanding
A sun-kissed face radiant with kindness
Strong hands reaching to touch the unwanted
No wonder, when they'd felt so ashamed
So certain they would always be unwanted
Then he came and defended them against the proud
Finally a voice to speak for them
A Savior true to lead the way
A Provider with a heart for their neediness
Selfless and concerned for their plight
No wonder the rulers lived in envy
To see favor bestowed on the 'common'
A mere carpenter from a town of no fame
With fishermen and tax collectors beside him
And women of ill repute behind
Defying the laws they had made
No wonder those found begged to follow him
No wonder they had to tell what he had done
Despite his desire to be hidden
Withdrawing lest they demand he be king
No wonder when they had been so discarded
So downcast and shredded by unkind words
No wonder they loved his good news
No wonder their hearts were so open
For Life to caress their dry bones
To be received into a loving family
United with the peculiar, their own
Approved of by God made man
No wonder, no wonder

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02