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Look After Mom, Lord

Bless my Mom, Lord
Guard her, nestle her in the crook of your arm
Cover her in the shadow of your wing
Tenderly lead and guide her
Keep her as she navigates these times
Carry her, cradle her
Remind her she is safe
Remind her she is loved
Lift her countenance
Surround there with invisible guardians
Encompass her with loving friends
Warm-handed tender companions
Yoke-fellows with shoulders and arms
Burden bearers complete with tears and prayer
Strengthen her in her journey
Remind her how in her you are blessed
Send her loving messages of mercy
Rose-petal fragranced packages of love
Gather her children 'round about her
Answer her in her deepest heartfelt prayer
Send her all the apples of heaven
Golden fruit of healing of life
Set her on her path in her calling
Finding all those other ones like her
Tested, proven lovers of your children
Draw them together in love
Give them the twelve fruit of healing
Bless them with the Tree of Life
Bless her, Lord
Bless my Mom, and keep her

Stephen Pursell, 12/29/02