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Jawbone Dance

It's hard for us to relate to
Having never seen it
It's difficult to imagine
Force and death carried out with love and joy?
But there he was, the Nazirite
No fear, but no weapon
Surrounded by a thousand enemy soldiers
He cast his eyes about calmly
A smile on his face
The JOY of the Lord is our strength!
The Lord delights in the elimination of evil
Samson was full of Joy
For joy and righteous rage are both holy
There it is, a fresh jawbone of a wild ass
Oh Lord, how creative you are!
Let's dance!
Like a dancer with ribbon
Nimble and swift
Graceful, fluid, free
Laughing shouting, beaming with life
United with Love himself
Serving as His right hand upraised
He even sang

God delights not in the destruction of the wicked
But he loves to rid his creation of evil
He is jealous, eager to defend his territory
To protect what he loves
In love with his bride
Delighted to defend her against the invader
Pleased to act in love on her behalf
Proud to be husband and protector
Guardian of the one he has chosen

A dance of freedom and cleansing
A ballet of atonement to restore balance
A gift from a loving father
Expressed through a fearsome son

His ways are not our ways

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02