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The Isaac Anointing

Many think Buddha was happy
With his round belly and shiny 'smiling face'
But the demons love evil laughter
Some have loved Santa with all his HO HO HO
But his real name is Satan Claws
Somehow so many have been duped
But there is real laughter from heaven!!
Have you ever heard of Issac?
Laughter like music
Ringing life, resounding Joy
Rolling and bouncing
Belly-grabbing and hop-skip-jumping
Echoing off the mountainsides
JOY!!  The Oil of Joy!!
Laughter, freedom, wonder, exuberance
Oh God's people would know Him
Mighty One, God of Isaac
God of Laughter, Sporting and Jest
God of holy humor, God of JOY
Laughter of purity, laughter of life
Peeling and reeling
Pleasing with peace
Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!!

Stephen Pursell, 12/12/02