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I Cry Out

God help me
"Out of the depths I cry"
Terrified to fall in again
Aware you are the only way out
Frustrated by your silence
Distressed to be here again
Where are you, why are you...?
What did I do?
That was really so wrong?
Oh Lord, you're the One I love
I know I do, I remember it
I remember your soft touch
Gentle tears, invisible caresses
Oh, please come again
Please rescue me anew
You're the key, you alone know
Better than I, you know my need
Let all else fall away
That I would again take hold
Of your perfect promises
And stride into the Light
Oh, to love again
Richly, deeply, everlastingly
Like you, the way I've asked to
With freedom, with abandon
Yet steadily, constantly, graciously
Oh, I love you still
I know you are so faithful
Surely you will answer my cry

Stephen Pursell, 11/3/02