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God's Gold

I have remembered
I have not forgotten, my broken child
I was there when it happened
I watched from on high
Your fathers gathered in sin
Candles lit, delighting in evil
I was there when they sold you
Beneath the mighty oak
Whose shade I had made
To comfort your weary travelers
They did bargain for your soul
Your future they sold
They bought gold from my adversary
Bought it when I would have given it
If they had been faithful
But they loved darkness
I would have given so much more
But they would be their own kings
They have their reward
But you, my child
I have heard your cries
Oh how I have longed for this day
I have seen you on the road
I have run out to meet you
For you will I kill the fatted calf
I come to enfold you
In the tenderness of my embrace
I have come to you
To cover all of your shame
I have always loved you
But now, how you will see it
You will feel me within you
And with my life inside you
Then I will see only beauty
Believe only me
Throw off the lies against you
I descend upon you
To kiss you, my love
Receive me, open to  my love
For I am yours to enjoy
Your Maker and your Husband
Coming into you
To give you Life

Stephen Pursell,
7/10/02, from the heart of the Father