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Give Me Ears

Thank you, Lord, for my long sought redemption
It seems so long since first I set out on this path
I had wandered so far from the plan you had for me
But now you have restored me to it
You are deserving of my utmost devotion
With your help, I will not be afraid
I know you have ordained my destiny
I know no suffering for you will be unwelcome
I know that I am always safe
Just as you slept in the wind-tossed boat
So shall I rest in tumult
Hand in hand with you
I will dance through the fire
And step on the bones of death
For my eyes have been lifted
I have seen your glory in the temple
I vibrate with electricity of your being
Awake to Life and all of your riches
Breathless with anticipation
Panting for your appearance
You have shown me your desire
And I am eager in the wanting
My place at your side awaits me
I eagerly bow my neck to the yoke
I was lost and hungry in desolation
I was naked and empty of soul
I crawled about on torn hands and knees 
Trailing my life's blood behind me
The jackal's lustily waited my death
But I called out to you from the depths
On my face, I cried out your name
I knew you were there and would save me
I know there is a Savior in Zion
I knew there was nothing but surrender
And you had not left me untended 
Though it seemed to turn for worse then
I know you had plan in mind
I care not for whether it had to be so
It was and is and you have redeemed it
I still don't know if it had to be that way
What I know is that I have been lifted
I have seen from the heights
I remember what you have showed me
Let truth ring always in my voice 
I will not be silent, I will sing your praises
Give me ears that listen, Lord
I have a tale to tell them

Stephen Pursell, 3/6/02